The Energy Community has launched public consultations as part of the procedure for creating a new list of PECI/PMI priority projects for countries associated within this organization. The Brody – Adamowo oil pipeline project is once again applying for PECI (Project of Energy Community Interest) status. It is placed on the draft list of priority projects under the number Oil_01 among investments in the oil transportation sector.

Representatives of state authorities, companies, industry associations, SME sector, consumer organizations, trade unions, NGOs, environmental organizations, consulting companies, employee and employer federations, other relevant stakeholders and ordinary citizens are invited to participate in public consultations.

More detailed information on public consultations can be obtained on the Energy Community website.

We encourage our partners and all interested parties to participate in public consultations and support the Brody – Adamowo oil pipeline construction project. To this end, it is necessary to complete a short questionnaire on the Energy Community website. At the participant’s request, participation in the public consultations may be anonymous.

The public consultation will last until April 30, 2020. Their results will be published on the Energy Community website.