Brody-Adamowo oil pipeline construction project

Essence and significance of the project

The planned Brody-Adamowo oil pipeline is an integral, and presently, the only missing link of the future Euro-Asian Oil Transport Corridor. Its construction will mark the commencement of continued supplies of oil from the Caspian Sea region to European consumers through the Corridor. The Brody-Adamowo Pipeline will also connect the Polish (European) oil transmission system with the Ukrainian system, while at the same time allowing the connection of the northern and southern pipelines of the “Druzhba” pipeline within the Union. It will become the key strategic element of the energy infrastructure in this part of Europe. It will be the third source for the supply of crude oil immediately after the “Druzhba” pipeline and the Gdansk terminal. This pipeline will strengthen the energy security of Europe in the scope of oil supplies, by a diversification of sources and by supplying efficient routes for this raw material, which is a stated priority of the energy policy of the European Union. It will allow the delivery of oil from the Caspian Sea region to Polish refineries and its transit to the Baltic States, including Germany.


The construction of the pipeline will strengthen Ukraine’s energy security in a similar way. It is assumed the technical possibility of using the Brody-Adamowo oil pipeline not only in the direct direction but also in reversing. This will allow in crisis situations, resulting in disruptions of oil supply from the Black Sea and Russia, to supply Ukraine and other European countries with this energy resource from the North Sea and the Baltic.


Moreover, the Project itself supports reduction of tanker traffic through the Bosporus and the Danish straits, thus reducing the environmental hazards connected with exhaust emission and possible failure of vessels.



Project description

The project provides for the construction of an oil pipeline with a diameter of 700 mm, connecting the main pumping station “Brody” (Ukraine, the end point of the existing Odessa (MOT Pivdenne) – Brody oil pipeline and the accession point to the southern section of “Druzhba” oil pipeline) with the tank farm in Adamowo, where it will be connected to the “Przyjaźń” (the northern section of the “Druzhba” pipeline system). The length of the oil pipeline will be 396.3 km, of which 270.6 km of pipes will be installed on the Polish side and 125.7 km on the Ukrainian side. The accompanying infrastructure will include the construction of the pump station in Brody, 29 valve stations and the SCADA control system. The working pressure of the oil pipeline will be 6.5 MPa. The initial capacity of the oil pipeline will be 10 MTA. In the case of future demand for supplies of larger amounts of crude oil from the Caspian Sea region, the oil pipeline capacity can be increased up to 20 MTA. To fulfil that purpose, it will be necessary to construct two additional pump stations on the territory of Poland.

The Project assumes the technical possibility of using the Brody-Adamowo oil pipeline in the reverse mode. In crisis situations it will be possible to pump oil from the Baltic Sea through this pipeline to consumers in Ukraine and other European countries.

Map of the Brody-Adamowo oil pipeline construction project

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